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If you get the chance to do this, do it!!!! Went this weekend and it was amazing! the work they put into this! We met the cast afterwards and they were all so welcoming and friendly. Loved how interactive it was. Hope they do more days, as we will go back! Such a fun night! - Jessie

With a more personalized experience and your own time booked, you really get to see excellent displays of psychosis...theatrics. Feels like you are in a play that you never read the script to. The atmosphere is relentlessly tense but never rushed just to get you through. The aesthetic is incredible down to the smallest details. The puzzles aren't number crunching ciphers but more prison break physical tasks under pressure. This will definitely exceed what you are imagining. Of all attractions in the CNY area, this is the one to die for. - Neil

Had an amazing time, a must do!! Very well put together and the puzzles were fun.. I would highly recommend it.. Thanks for the amazing time - Dave

Highly recommended! Was such a unique and fun experience. You could tell so much time was put into all the details and the esthetic. The actors were spot on and the way it was set up was perfect. I love creepy and scary and psychological and this hit all the marks! Great job. And thank you for doing something like this in our area. - Mandee

I cannot say enough about this experience! I had the time of my life and enjoyed every second. The location, set, props, story-line, actors and overall presentation were impressive to say the least. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an interactive experience and good scare! I'm so glad we scored tickets before this sold out! - Jessica

The 8 room escape ward was Fantastic! I loved every moment of it! An hour definitely didn't feel like an hour it felt like a few minutes! I absolutely loved it - Kayleigh

Had a really good time at the escape rooms! different than the preview from last year and super immersive! there were some really cool puzzles and the atmosphere was phenomenal. really amazing acting from everyone. it's really reasonably priced for an escape room and if you like horror this is totally for you! - Cassondra

Fantastic!! I have disturbing images burned into my memories for life. The Atrophy Escape Ward was super creepy and a lot of fun. So impressive! The room designs had me in awe and I was beyond thrilled with the dedicated, crazy actors that offered terror and some assistance when needed. - Adam

Attended the escape rooms tonight! What a overall wonderful experience. Actors/ actresses did a wonderful job as usually. Very thrilling experience that kept you on your toes! Would definitely attend again and recommend to a friend! - Mackenzie